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Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs are the best way for you to grab attention from your audience in a busy tradeshow venue.
Jilca International carries different types of hanging signs to best accommodate your needs.

Hi-Wire Signs




  • Bold and eye-catching

  • Easy to set up and extremely portable

  • Brilliant dye-sub colour fabric graphics

  • Available in different sizes (large, medium, small)

  • Available in different shapes (square, circle, and triangle)



Click on image to see detail

Hanging Banners




  • Available in custom shapes and sizes

  • Modular poles can be taken apart for easy storage

  • Sleek and modern appearance

  • Brilliant dye-sub colour fabric graphics


Vinyl Banners




  • Quality banners at an economic price

  • 13 oz vinyl materialDigital printed full colour graphics

  • Options of finishing with grommets or wind holes


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